Compressor Mount Kit 40-119L

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Compressor Mount Bracket Kit for Small Block Chevrolet, Long W/Pump, Drivers Side Mounting – Low Profile, Wide Mount For Sanden Sd5H14 Compressor. Includes: (2) 3/8In X 1 1/4In Bolt, (1) 3/8In X 1 1/2In Bolt, (2) 3/8In X 3 1/4In Bolt, (1) 3/8In X 4In Bolt, (1) 3/8In X 5 1/4In Bolt, (3) 3/8In Nylock Nuts, (1) 3/8In Flat Washer, (1) 1/4In X 3/4In O.D. Spacer, (1) 1/2In X 3/4In O.D. Spacer, (2) 1 1/16In X 3/4In O.D. Spacer, (1) 1 5/8In X 3/4In O.D. Spacer, (2) 2 1/4In X 5/8In O.D. Spacer, (3) Mount Brackets

  • New compressor mount kit
  • Includes 3 different brackets


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