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4 Automotive A/C Compressor Attributes to Verify when Replacing an A/C Compressor on your Vehicle

Avoid unnecessary returns and gain confidence when purchasing an automotive a/c compressor online by checking 4 critical features of the automotive a/c compressor. One of the most difficult parts about purchasing an automotive a/c compressor online is knowing whether the part you are purchasing is correct.

After you have found your parts by the vehicle information or a part number cross, verify these 4 attributes to make sure you are selecting the correct part.

The 4 attributes or parts we list here can be verified by either a picture or by reading through the text.



The clutch is likelyTCW Compressor 42310.5T1NEW New the easiest to verify. First part: Is there a clutch? Some electric vehicles will have an a/c compressor that is clutchless. Also, some commercial vehicles that have a York style compressor will often be sold without a clutch.

If a clutch is present, how many grooves does the clutch have? The easy way to count the grooves are by using a credit card to count the valleys.

Last, check the electrical connection from the clutch. Make sure the electrical has the same connector and number of wires.


NeTCW Compressor 32790.6T3NEW Newxt: is the mounting. There are two types, cross bolt and ear type. Verify the count and type of each mount. Most compressors have 4 mounts. For example, you may have a “3 cross bolt, 1 ear” mount. Check the replacement mounting versus your compressor.

Here, we picture a 3 cross-bolt mount.



Electrical Connections

Electrical connections must be the same. For example, is there a wire coming out of your clutch? If yes, how many wires and is the connector the same? In some cases, if the connector is not the same and the wires are, you can splice your wires.

Some compressors have an electronic control valve. Check to make if you do have one, and if so, make sure they are the same

Hose Connections

How does the hose connect to the compressor? Is the replacement the same? For example, let’s say the replacement compressor has the hoses coming off the rear, while your compressor has the hoses coming from the top. These would likely be incompatible.

The clutch, mounting, electrical, and hose connections are 4 attributes you should try to verify when purchasing an a/c compressor online. Keep in mind, this is a verification step after you have found the part by vehicle or a part number cross.

Pro Tip

And do not forget, work smarter not hard. If your compressor is on the vehicle, use your phone to take some pics. Then use those pics when verifying the picture online.