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This item is compatible with the following part number(s):

AC Delco 1511012, AC Delco 151288, AC Delco 151533, Agco 70268464, Allis Gleaners 26846402, AP Air Inc. 803390, AP Air Inc. 804550, Compressor Works 708257, Deutz-Allis 4322165, Deutz-Allis 702646446, Deutz-Allis 70268464, Deutz-Allis 70275847, Diameter (mm) 102, Frigette 207353, Global Air Inc. RD7462, Global Parts Distributors 1411516, Hesston 700705099, Inlet (mm) 9, Inlet Thread Size 5/8 - 18, Inlet Thread Size 5/818, JOHN DEERE AL153705, John Deere AL77581, John Deere AR59780, John Deere AR74486, John Deere AR79486, JOHN DEERE RE214439, John Deere RE291794, John Deere RE49169, JOHN DEERE RE49169A, JOHN DEERE RE576834, John Deere RE74486, JOHN DEERE VPM9548, MEI 7233, MEI 7243, NAPA 936221, NAPA TEM936221, New Holland F0NN19825AB, New Holland F1NN19959AA, RED DOT 74R0400, RED DOT 74R0401, RED DOT 74R4116, Sunair ARD1009, Sunair ARD1015, UAC RD 9111C, UAC RD9111C, Visteon 540162, VISTEON / CLIMATE PRO 540162


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