Vehicle Parts Filter

This item is compatible with the following part number(s):

Airpro 204753, AP Air Inc. 5095791, Compressor Mount Ear, Ford XC3H-19D629-BA, Ford XC3H19D629BA, FORD XC3Z-19703-EA, Ford XC3Z19703EA, FORD XC3Z19703EB, Gauge Line (mm) 34, Global Parts Distributors 5511255, Global Parts Distributors 6511255, GPD 6511255, MEI 5355, MOTORCRAFT YC2492, MOTORCRAFT YCC426, Pulley Diameter (mm) 119, Refrigerant R134A, Sanden 4753, SANDEN 4753-AFT, SANDEN 4753AFT, Sanden Body Type B709 S18, Sanden Body Type B709 S25, Sanden Body Type B709S18, Sanden Body Type B709S25, Sanden Head Type SJ, Sanden SD7H15, Sanden U4753


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