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This item is compatible with the following part number(s):

AFI 0257, Airpro 204696, AP Air Inc. 509548, Compressor Mount Ear, Compressor Works 638874, Freightliner F696003231, Frigette 2041559, Gauge Line (mm) 40, Global Parts Distributors 5511590, Global Parts Distributors 6511590, Global Parts Distributors 6811590, Global Parts Distributors 7511590, Global Parts Distributors 7811590, International 2602742C91, Kenworth 4426SAN, Kenworth 4696E, Kenworth F691000, Kenworth F696001321, Kenworth F696002231, Kysor 1401406, Kysor 1401415, Kysor 1410019, MEI 5373, MEI 5373S, MEI 54048, MEI 54089, NAPA 254569, NAPA 900346, NAPA TEM254569, NAPA TEM900346, Peterbilt 1CC4696, PETERBILT F696001231, Red Dot 75R89602DS, Refrigerant R134A, SANDEN 4041, Sanden 4048, Sanden 4089, Sanden 4383, Sanden 4426, Sanden 4696, Sanden 7803, Sanden Body Type 7803A02, Sanden Head Type GQ, Sunair CO2026CA, TruckAir 031001C, TTAC 3004304, TTAC 3004305


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