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AC Delco 1521843, AC Delco 1521845, AFI 0315, AFI 0847, Airpro 204818, Alliance ABPN83304003, Alliance ABPN83304123, Alliance ABPN83304543, Alliance ABPN83304543S, AP Air Inc. 509593, AP Air Inc. 509594, Compressor Mount Boss, Control Valve (Y/ N) N, Freightliner 2264074000, Freightliner APBN83304543S, Freightliner SKI4417, Freightliner SKI4417S, Freightliner SKI4485, Freightliner SKI4818, Frigette 2041763, Gauge Line (mm) 39, GENERAL MOTORS 19192512, GENERAL MOTORS 19192514, Global Cool Cars 0941Z0108, Global Cool Cars 0941Z0109, Global Parts Distributors 5511272, Global Parts Distributors 6511272, Kysor 1401338, Kysor 1401346, Kysor 1401395, Kysor 1401428, Kysor 1410007, MEI 5333, MEI 5333S, MEI 54020, NAPA 967228, NAPA 967230, NAPA 971008, NAPA TEM967228, NAPA TEM967230, NAPA TEM971008, Panafrio 2013936, PETERBILT 4485SAN, Pulley Diameter (mm) 118, Red Dot 75R81302, RED DOT 75R82312, Red Dot 75R84252, RED DOT RD-5-13062-0P, Red Dot RD5102680P, Red Dot RD5112510P, RED DOT RD5130620P, Sanden 1BQ15MU, Sanden 4020, Sanden 4020U1, Sanden 4075, Sanden 4352, Sanden 4417, SANDEN 4417E, Sanden 4418, SANDEN 4485, Sanden 4818, Sanden 4884, Sanden Head Type GH, Sanden U4417, Sanden U4418, SANDEN U4818, Sunair CO-2035CA, Sunair CO2035CA, Sunair CO2276CA, TruckAir 030609, TruckAir 030609S, TTAC 3004248, TTAC 3004262, Voltage 12


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